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The Lincoln Center Diet: Coke, Kefir and Cookies

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If you know what it's like to be inside the Fashion Week tents at Lincoln Center (or indeed, back when they were at Bryant Park), then you know it is another world altogether. It is a world where harem pants are not only permitted, but photographed; a world where one must be constantly vigilant in the event of unexpected air kissing; a world where regular dining and dietary habits are thrown out the window and replaced with binging on whatever free snack is closest at hand. The latter may be dubbed The Lincoln Center Diet, and this season it's all about Cokes, Kefir and Cookies.

If you've never seen inside the Lincoln Center tent, you can check out our tour of it last September here. The interior and set-up is the same, but it's the edibles that've changed. An all-American girl in a red dress stands at the center of it all, passing out shapely Coke bottles complete with cute twisty straws.

Once you chug one or two of these, you may realize that aren't any free foods, but there are Momofuku Milk Bar cookies for a few bucks...and something called "birthday cake truffle" is justifiable because you've been rushing around all day, burning calories. But then you need milk, and notice this season has replaced Muscle Milk with Kefir?yummy, fashionable Kefir. Riiiight. But alas, Kefir doesn't have the trendy look you're going for, so it's back to Coke and the cycle repeats itself.

Sure, there's also Frappuccino and skinny Pepsi cans, but those are the rarest beverages of all. Better stick to the Coke-Kefir-Cookies plan if you haven't got an intern for Starbucks runs. It's not the most efficient diet, but it's what's (mostly) free and fast, the keyword here being "fast."
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