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Apple's Grand Central Store Is Finally Open. Here's What's Inside.

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After waiting in a line that was quite possibly 1,000-people deep, we finally made it into the Apple store in Grand Central. It's gigantic, but you might not even notice it right off the bat since it's, well, smack dab in the middle of another gigantic building—the station itself. It's set up railroad style, so rather than looking up a glass staircase at the enormity of it all above you, it's hard to initially notice just how large the store actually is.

Once you enter the main platform on the East Balcony, you can either make a right or a left to head into two more rooms on either side. The main entrance has it all: iPads, computers, iPods, iPhones, etc., all displayed on tables per Apple's obsessively-compulsive organized setup. If you make a right, you'll enter the Startup Room, which a staffer explained is where you can get a hand setting up your brand new purchase. There's tons of space, it's quiet, and it's also well-lit. If you continue on, you'll reach the accessories room filled with cases, speakers, headphones, and other odds and ends.

On the other side there are two more large rooms set up similar to the main balcony area. In the second room on this side, though, is where you'll find the two genius bars, as well as plenty more tables filled with product. And since we regularly frequent an Apple store to either charge our phone or go to the bathroom, we attempted to check on that too. An employee pointed to a staircase in the first room on the left side that he said would lead to the toilet, though another told us it was just an employee bathroom. The mystery remains unsolved. For store hours, events, and to set up an appointment, head here.
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