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Nothing Gold Will Stay Long at the Ippolita Sale

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If the hoards of people at yesterday's friends and family sale is any indication, the best way to shop Ippolita at up to 70% off is to bring a friend and come up with plan to divide and conquer. While the space is not unmanageable in terms of size, the jewelry is divided into gold and silver and then into categories of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and charms, all housed behind glass cases. Have an idea of what you want before you go as, it can become overwhelming when looking at so many cases of jewelry and dealing with mobs of people.

The room is broken down as follows: Gold jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings) are to the far right against the wall. Silver jewelry is directly in front of you and against the left wall, where you'll find the $30 resin rings with turquoise (originally $195) and the $50 resin bracelets with turquoise and onyx (originally $195). Most everything is 65% off the original price, with the resin rings and bracelets being the real steal of the sale.

There is an army of staff behind the cases waiting to help you with the jewelry and armed with calculators to figure out the sale price. A surprising touch: Alcohol wipes at the earring counters. How many times have we wished we could try on earrings only to be told "no," or grossed out because there was nothing to clean them with?

Gold jewelry makes up the smallest percentage of the sale, and unfortunately there is no rose gold available. If you are a gold lover, it is well worth it to take a look through these cases. We couldn't help but eye the gold bangles that are now $558.25 and $628.25 (originally $1595 and $1795) and a gold and turquoise ring for $558.25 (originally $1595). If earrings are your thing, there are beautiful pairs here with a pair of amethyst and gold for $698 (originally $1995).

After surveying all the gold jewelry and wiping the drool off our chins, we moved over to the silver section. We came to a full stop when we saw Constellation rings in clear quartz for $113.75 (originally $325), Lollipop rings in mother of pearl for $243.25 (originally $695) and perhaps our favorite, oval rings with different gemstones for $208.25 (originally $595). The rings vary in size, but do try them on, as some styles fit differently than others. There is a wide variety of styles of silver bangle: Skinny, wide, with gemstones and hammered. We loved the narrow bangles that are now $68.25 (originally $195). The bangles are sized from 2 to 4 and the cases are organized by size.

If you're just looking for a little something to pick up from the sale, don't miss the case of pendants and charms.You can group several charms together—a silver hammered ball we looked at was $50—or spend a little more and get a teardrop pendant in clear quartz.

You must check your coat, purse, bags, and stroller (yes, stroller.) In fact, the only things you're allowed to bring in are your wallet and cellphone. Credit cards and cash only.—Pam Krywy
· Dealfeed: Ippolita [Racked NY]


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