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Made Her Think Wows at their Lower East Side Showroom

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Walking into the office of Made Her Think. you get an idea of how creativity might come easy to designer Meredith Kahn. It's an intimate space furnished with simple antiques and natural wood, a calming atmosphere that allows her irresistibly edgy jewelry to stand out all the more.

The sample sale pieces sit alongside candy canes, and more sober holiday tunage plays in the background (think Mozart, not Harry Conic, Jr.'s "Harry For the Holidays"), putting us very much in the mood to shop. By the second verse of "Greensleeves," we had mentally accessorized all of our friends and family, and with jewelry starting at $5, the possibilities are endless.

On the immediate left of the room once you're through the door, there are $5 and $10 rings and necklaces. The plastic skull ring or the rose gold tinted version of the claw necklace, for example, would make fun gifts with costume-y appeal. If you're working with a higher price point but still love a deal, much of the current collection is going at wholesale value, like the Vendetta necklace for $126 (was $253) and the stunning Hampshire coin necklace for $300 (was $690). Also in this section are assorted necklaces and bracelets for $20, $30, and $50 on up.

On the other side of the room you can find equally amazing deals on old and new, though neither the Mandy Coon nor the Rebecca Minkoff collaborations made an appearance. We hardly missed them next to options like the swinging bell necklaces for $130 (were $230) or the pave baby claw for $30 (was $299) and its larger twin for $75.

Likewise absent were the chain rings that accompanied Lykke Li on her most recent Letterman appearance, but there were plenty of styles that offer the same delicately saturated look she favors, like two of the thick silver rings for $80 pictured above. Other standout rings include the mini-smashed talon knuckle ring and the diamond pendulum ring in gunmetal and brass (not positive on the price for these, but rest assured they are well below the $138 and $150 retail price). The sizing for these range from 5 to 8 with the smallest selection for the 8s—otherwise, there's one for all of your cousins and then some.

Final notes: There were one of each for many of the pieces, so we suggest heading over there fast—especially if your Christmas list is beginning to look as long as ours. Also, there's a single $125 Alice bag left and a couple $25 pouches for the non-jewelry lover (blasphemy!). The sale goes until Saturday at 7pm, and they accept cash and credit.
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