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You May Have to Dig a Little at the Opening Ceremony Sale

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The Opening Ceremony sample sale officially kicks off tomorrow, but we stopped by this morning when it opened at 11am for the friend's and family portion. The sale is on Wooster Street between Spring and Broome, just a quick stroll from the Howard Street store, so expect to see OC staffers shopping on their lunchbreaks. The sale boasts markdowns of 60-90% off, and for the most part, that's pretty accurate.

Here's the jist: As far as bags go, there are a ton of Rodarte for Opening Ceremony leftovers, and they're there for a reason. The shoe selection is good—Robert Clergerie, Opening Ceremony, Proenza Schouler, Chloë Sevigny—but sizes (for some) are limited. As for the ready-to-wear, there's a lot of it. There's about eight or nine full racks of womenswear, and probably even more so for men, however a lot of what's there are one-off pieces. You can have a pale green Alexander Wang dress for $150 if you're a large, and if you want a super amazing Vena Cava black dress for $125, you better be a medium. We'll break down each department further after the jump.

Let's start with accessories and shoes, since those are the first things you'll find upon your arrival. There's a box filled with Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony totes, weekender size, for $20. Next to that are agnès b. berets for $26 and some not so cute Opening Ceremony belts for $15. On the table nearby are the bags: We spotted a ton of the Rodarte for Opening Ceremony pieces, and prices are as follows: Envelope clutches are $100, floral bags are $200 and leather bags (made of belts) are 180.

On to the shoes: Like we mentioned before, there's a lot to choose from but for some of the pairs the size selection doesn't run that deep. We spotted adorable Acne sandals for $65 in red and black, but there were only two pairs left in each. (Same thing goes for the Acne brown and black leather pumps that are $80.) We spotted Opening Ceremony leather and knit ankle boots for $80, and higher leather and knit boots for $95. OC flats were actually more expensive: There's a pair of white lace oxfords for $130 and tie-up black and brown flats for $100.

The Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony ankle boots are $130, but you can only have them if you're a size 10 or an 11. Proenza shoes are more pricey, naturally—a pair of green pumps were $417 with two pairs left. Were obsessed but could never find an excuse to wear the Robert Cleregie pink satin lace-up booties that are $130, but if blue crushed velvet is more your thing, they have those too.

Finally, there are a gagillion Rodarte for Opening Ceremony shoes, and the boxes are stacked high. The tan booties are $160 and so are the black and white wingtip pumps. We're not sure why there were so many—maybe they fit real weird. And just a hint—the sale prices for the shoes are written on the box in green, so disregard the high price on the actual shoe that's written in red.

Downstairs is the women's and men's ready-to-wear, and here's where things get a little cluttered. There's one large rack (maybe two, actually) of Rodarte for Opening Ceremony. Lace pants are $104, and there's a few black dresses, and pale pink very sheer lounge-y pants for $130.

On your right, you'll see a ton of Acne jeans, and unless our eyes deceived us, the first pair we saw were only 40 bucks. Peanuts, compared to the nearby Jean Paul Gaultier Femme pleated skirts that are still $600. The heaviest dress in the world—a Band of Outsider sequined number—is $315, which doesn't even seem like it would cover the cost of all those sparkles.

Some other things that stood out: suede Opening Ceremony cut-out shorts for $175, a school-girl chiffon OC skirt for $85, and neon Versus dresses for $210. Carven cropped jackets were nicely priced at 186, and a Suno sequined top was $162. There's also a white Altuzarra boob tube top for $125. And lest we forget about that Tron collection—there's a lot of that, and black spandex turtlenecks are $50, if you're interested.

All in all, there's a lot to sort through but you have to have the time, patience, and you have to like listening to Drake, which is what was pretty much on repeat while we were there. While the discounts on a lot of things are pretty good, don't expect to find super cheap Proenza. If you've got a good hour to kill, don't mind the letdown of finding the perfect (Vena Cava) dress not in your size, and really like the in-house brand, then head on over.

Final logistics: There's a coat and bag check when you walk in, and you must check both. They accept cash and credit cards, but there's a $100 minimum for credit (they graciously let us slide for $85, but we were, like, the first purchase of the day). There's no fitting rooms but a few mirrors scattered throughout, so plan accordingly. We overheard one Opening Ceremony employee who was shopping the sale say that she wore a bra today specifically for the occasion.
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