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High-Fashion Architecture at Ohne Titel's BOFFO Shop

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Clothing design loves it some structural play and that's exactly what you get on both sides of the collaboration between Ohne Titel and EASTON+COMBS. The store has been open to the public since Thursday, December 1st, but the official launch, complete with a DJ and dance party, took place last night. Consider this your not-so-exclusive-but-still-pretty-cool behind the scenes look into BOFFO Building Fashion's fifth and final marriage of architecture and textile design.

EASTON+COMBS's Rona Easton and Lonn Combs created two twelve(ish)-feet high structures with an overall look that might best be described as giant, very geometric sea barnacles. The single feature keeping the displays from collapsing into piles of bright red aluminum quadrilaterals is a series of interlocking teeth—no hinges, no screws, no glue. The effect is a woven pattern that can expand or contract at the will of the architects.

Along with manipulation of scale, light play (made possible thanks to the porous surface plus mirrors affixed to the walls) creates a layered backdrop for Ohne Titel's women's ready-to-wear. Pieces from the brand's F/W 2011-12 and Resort 2011 collections hang at well-spaced intervals along the form. You don't have to inspect each garment long to notice the resonance between the display design and the displayed design. Flora Gill and Alexa Adams, the brand's founders, have recently garnered notice for their architecturally-infused structuring and draped layering in their collections. Overall, the exhibit looks like a happy collaboration of like-minded artists.

A few of exclusive items designed specifically for the exhibit include Ohne Titel's unisex fragrance, twelve black totes, and a draped black dress, a product of collaboration with Supina. Ten of the latter will be sold. There's a rack of unisex screen printed t-shirts as well, but no word on a selling cap for those. The pop-up is ready to shop and will run until December 14th. Hours are Monday though Saturday, 12pm to 7pm, and Sunday, 12pm to 6pm.
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