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Blasts from the Past Are Your Best Bet at the Yigal Azrouël Sale

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The JetShopper stopped by Yigal Azrouël's sample sale, which began today in the Garment District. Like last time, everything from the main line is priced according to a two-tier system. Current season pieces are still fairly expensive (think $225 for a day dress), while past-season pieces are lumped in with samples and tagged on a much friendlier scale ($125 for a dress.) As for Cut25, the blog doesn't mention anything from the collection, but if the sale is anything like last time, those items should be very easy to buy indeed. We'll have a full report later on, but in the meantime, click through for her photos, including several shots of the price list.
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Yigal Azrouël Sale

225 W. 39th Street New York NY