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Affordable Trendiness at the Joie and Current/Elliott Sale

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We're back at 260 5th Ave today for Joie, Current/Elliott, and Equipment. You know the drill by now: Check bags, coats, scarves, etc. at the door, grab your wallet and your phone, prepare to shop with wild abandon. The place wasn't as crowded as we've seen it before (granted, it was the second day of the sale), but it was so packed with racks upon racks from four labels that moving would have been a challenge even if it was empty.

The space was organized according to brand. From right to left, you can find a long table of jeans in sizes 24-31, Current/Elliot non-denim in sizes 0-3, Joie, and Equipment to the far left. Joie Soft fills the entire back right space and the rest of the Joie collection sits in the back left. The size du jour for all brands is small, but a small seems to fit anyone from a size two (if said size two likes the draped/ baggy look) to an eight. All tags are marked with the appropriate price, so no confusion there.

Starting with the right, Current is full of checkered button-downs in red and blue, solid button-downs, distressed cropped tops (each for $35), and one really confusing satin shirt that's sewn into cropped jeans that's sewn under a belt ($45). You can find overalls, shorts, skirts, and dresses from the Fall 2011 and Resort 2010 collection—basically, everything you need to perfect your cowgirl look this year.

On the left side of the space resides the bulk of Equipment's contribution. Here, the good news is there are button downs in every print imaginable, from denim to sheer to unicorns jumping over clouds. Really. The bad news is there's little rhyme or reason to the organization. If the shirts are the same, they go together; otherwise, it's a free-for-all. Be prepared to do some digging.

Joie is organized according to garment type and style, and the fur and the leather (both $120 no matter the garment type) have their own racks in the back left and back right corners, respectively. Cropped furs in gray, brown, and black and leather pieces are definitely the highlights of this sale—particularly a leather tank. You can also find leather skirts, pants in white or black, a hooded green suede jacket, and several light brown bustiers. Yowza.

Except for a few surprises, like the Joie onesies that come in blue satin and denim hazmat suit, the clothes hit on a huge range of trends and everything is very affordable. The sale runs Saturday the 10th until 4pm, credit accepted.
· Dealfeed: Joie, Current/Elliott, Equipment [Racked NY]


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