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Adidas SLVR and Originals Join in the Massive Y-3 Sale

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This morning at 11am, the 3rd floor showroom of the Adidas offices on Houston and Broadway was swamped with shoppers tossing polka-dotted dress pants over shoulders, tucking orange shoeboxes under arms and draping messenger bag straps around necks. Yep?it's time for semiannual Y-3 Sample Sale, and this time Yohji Yamamoto's collection for Adidas brings a huge selection of goodies from Adidas SLVR and Adidas Originals as well.

Naturally the most interest is in the shoe sections, and we're thrilled to report that the variety of both sizes and styles for men and women is impressive. Prices are equally sweet, ranging from $20 for flip-flops to $75 for the women's Y-3 wedge heels. Y-3 low-tops for both men and women are $50, SLVR are $40, Originals $25. If you're into high-tops there are plenty, and they'll cost you $75 for Y-3, $50 for SLVR and $40 for Originals (note that retail for Y-3 pairs is usually between $500-$290).

Over in accessories, the selection is rapidly dwindling. We watched as shoppers picked the last leather messenger and sturdy computer bags from the wall, but totes and small leather goods (wallets, passport cases) are still to be had. Prices here range from $15 for items like beach towels and lanyard keychains to $125 for a giant leather sling bag.

When you first enter the sale, it will seem as though there's tons of clothing; well, there is and there isn't. The majority seems to be a meh assortment of SLVR, but the unique Y-3 stuff is in there, like men's wool pants, vest and jacket of an appealing mini-dot pattern. Or, in women's, there's motorcycle jackets, onesies and maxi skirts for the daring. Don't miss the lightweight nylon men's jackets and boxes of swimwear in the back, either.

The real gems of the sale are the shoes, and veterans of Y-3 sales know this. The only items to be replenished will be Adidas SLVR shoes, but we'd recommend getting to the sale tonight before it closes at 6pm if you're banking on a new Y-3 sneaker wardrobe in your size.
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