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DKNY's Million Dollar Bottle; Jill Platner's Rawhide Bracelets

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

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UPPER EAST SIDE—Last night at its Madison Avenue flagship, DKNY unveiled the "million dollar bottle" for its Golden Delicious fragrance. Made of 2,909 rare jewels&38212;including diamonds, yellow sapphires, and one 2.43 carat yellow canary diamond—the bottle will be sold on the DKNY Core Club Facebook page, with proceeds going to Action Against Hunger. Above, that's Chanel Iman vamping with two Golden Delicious bottles: The bedazzled one on the left, and a regular one ($42-$75, depending on size) on the right. [RackedWire]

SOHO—Jill Platner's jewelry doesn't come cheap, but it's unique and handmade, making it potentially perfect as a holiday gift for someone with rarefied tastes. Through the rest of the month, anyone who spends $500 or more at her store (113 Crosby Street) will walk away with a free rawhide bracelet. [RackedWire]


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