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Filene's Last Hurrah; Single-Note Fragrances

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We're heading out a little bit early for the holiday, and we'll be back on Tuesday. Happy New Year!

UNION SQUARE--Filene's Basement closed yesterday, but not without incident. One guy tried to shoplift $600 worth of women's clothes that he insisted were for his mom, and the store had to hire additional security to handle the influx of customers over the last few weeks. Still, diehard supporters said they still hoped the store would eventually reopen. [DNAInfo]

INTERNET--Forget about top notes and base notes: Canada's Cocoon Apothecary is launching three perfumes that are each a single fragrance note. The aromatherapy-inspired lavender, neroli, and rose rollerballs are vegan and petroleum free. They retail for $22 each. [RackedWire]