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Dagny & Barstow's Sale; Daphne Guinness' Isabella Blow Exhibit?

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MEATPACKING—Women's boutique Dagny & Barstow, who you might remember from their Opening Diary, will finally be moving into their intended location at 264 Bowery in February. To lighten the load, they're currently having a post-holiday 40% off sale; head over to their Meatpacking store at 64 Gansevoort Street for deals on fur-lined toggle sweaters, dresses, and more. [Racked Wire]

NEW YORK?—This afternoon, Daphne Guinness hinted via a tweet that she might be exhibiting Isabella Blow's wardrobe soon, which she purchased—in its entirety—after Blow's death. She already displayed some of it in the Barneys windows around that time she decided to get dressed in there, but here's to hoping she chooses to showcase the rest of it in the city. Otherwise, we might have to trek it to London. [Racked National]