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Holiday Crowds at Ladurée; Louis Vuitton Sues the Hangover II

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We're heading out a little early for the weekend, and we'll be back on Tuesday. Happy holidays!

Image via Pursuitist

UPPER EAST SIDE—As the holidays swing into full gear, lines are reaching epic proportions outside of Ladurée. The Shouphound stopped by last night around 7pm and found a line that stretched to the corner of Madison and 71st Street. Perhaps they were inspired by our gift guide. [The Shophound]

THE LAND OF LAWSUITS—Apparently, Louis Vuitton finally saw the Hangover II, and isn't happy that a bag Zach Galifianakis is carrying around is a fake LV. During the airport scene, Galifianakis says, "Careful, that's a Louis Vuitton"—except it's not. It's actually a knockoff by the company Diophy, and Louis Vuitton is suing them too. The Guardian reports that the company wants either "a share of the profits from the film or for the bag to be altered in the DVD release." [The Guardian UK]