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Duane Reade Crime Unit Cracking Down on Tampon Theft

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Image via <a href="">Esthr</a>/Flickr
Image via Esthr/Flickr

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Two things you might not know about Duane Reade: First, that there's been a rash of theft lately predominantly involving feminine products, and second, that there's a specialized plain-clothes task force on the job for such matters. An article in DNAinfo explains that back in September, several Duane Reades were hit, and that the "perpetrators focused solely on mass quantities of feminine products, from pregnancy tests to tampons."

To stop it, the NYPD coordinated a sting operation with Duane Reade's Store Detectives Program. One of its members, Dela Cruz, busted the thieves four hours into the operation. "They were hitting us big, for like grand larceny amounts. I told John [Murphy, my boss], 'They're going to come again next Sunday. We've got to do something about this.'" The robbers went to jail and Cruz was awarded a medal from the NYPD, which he then proudly showed to his mom.
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