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Spot Check: Versace for H&M Leftovers at 34th and 86th Street

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H&amp;M 34th Street store, image via <a href="">Fashion Herald</a>
H&M 34th Street store, image via Fashion Herald

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Returns from unwanted Versace for H&M purchases have begun to hit H&M stores, so if you've been dreaming of one of those little pink bags—you're in luck. Madison Avenue Spy says that the returns at the 86th Street H&M have their own section in the women's department, which is mostly filled with those bags, lots of shoes, the pink tassel skirt and the purple sequined dress. If you're a size two and liked the palm tree leggings, she reports that there's one pair left, as well as one bustier. But the granddaddy of them all is the men's overcoat with the leather sleeves, and she saw one of them.

Over at the H&M on 34th Street, the second floor has more of the same: pink bags, shoes, and the dresses no one wanted. The Fashion Herald reports that there are skirts, but there's no more leggings. So there are your options, if you're still interested: Troll eBay for the nicer pieces (be prepared to pay more than they're worth) or you can check out what's been left behind at H&M.
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