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Man Repeller Gets Engaged; Stacy London's Retail Regrets

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THE INTERNET—The Man Repeller: Not actually repellant to men. Blogger Leandra Medine announced her engagement on her blog late last week, causing a bit of a backlash from commenters who argue that the premise of the site requires her to be unattached. Medine first put up an adorably gushy post about the engagement, then took it down and published a more cryptic note in which she explains, "Despite a gimmicky title, this is in fact a fashion blog. New finger party addition or not, I will never stop subscribing to a school of self." Amen and mazel tov. We can't wait to see the wedding dress. [Man Repeller]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT—Stacy London of What Not to Wear tells our sister site about her biggest shopping regret of all time: "I would say the thing that I have buyer's remorse most about is lip gloss. Tinted lip gloss. I always think that if it's not clear it will be interesting, I'll like it, and it will somehow give me personality. But the tints never look right on me. Never. It's not a color and it's not sheer. It's nothing. It winds up looking like I've got dirt on my lips." [Racked National]