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Step Up Your Shoe Game at Rachel Comey's Gymnasium Sale

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Everyone in line last night for the Rachel Comey sale in Nolita had on nice shoes. Like, really nice. And Rachel Comey is probably where they got them. Inside, the sale is messy, but definitely worth the trip: Men's and women's shoes start at $100 and clothing is up to 60% off.

Women's shoes are the main attraction here, so let's get down to business. The shoes against the left wall ran for $100 for one pair or $250 for three pairs. These included mostly spring styles, like mule clogs, open toe oxford heels, and wedge sandals. The black floral embroidered pumps were also adorable. Shoes here are divided up by size and going quickly. There seemed to be a wider selection in the larger sizes. The shoes are all in their boxes, laid out on messily the floor with the box tops off. The set up made for some tricky maneuvering and awkward try-on moments.

In the center of the room were women's fall shoe styles. These ranged from around $150 to $300, and there were far fewer styles available than in the $100 section. Suede lace-up wedges, red leather ankle boots, and even a few of the red Pegasus clogs were all here. We fell pretty hard for some green suede wedges, sadly unavailable in our size. Boxes are stacked by style instead of size here. This section has a bench for try-ons and was difficult to navigate, with abandoned loose shoes strewn about the floor. Shoes won't be restocked.

Women's clothing is located on about five racks lining the back of the space. Aside from some pretty sweater dresses and knit skirts, nothing really stellar was in the mix. They had lots of printed dresses and tops, along with some chunky sweaters and graphic pants. Prices in clothing ranged from $100 to around $400 for a classic wool coat. Staff said that clothing would be restocked throughout the day, so quality may improve as the sale goes on.

The men's shoe section was surprisingly good. They had a $100-for-one, $250-for-three section as well, quite smaller than women's but still filled with good options. The other shoes ranged in price from around $120 to $400. Lace-up work boots, brightly colored suede oxfords, and more classic brown leather brogues were all good options. The men's section was also much more organized and less frenzied than the womens. Men's clothing was limited to one sad rack of blue and green cardigans.

Shoes are definitely the way to go at this sale. Since they aren't restocking the selection, get there as soon as you can.—Taylor Droddy
· Dealfeed: Rachel Comey [Racked NY]

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