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Patterned Silks at Tucker Remind Us What Warm Looks Like

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After a bout of fluctuating weather, it looks like the cold has finally stuck and New Yorkers, true to form, have answered it with a monochromatic uniform. That explains the feeling of culture shock when we walked into the Tucker sample sale. An onslaught of bright patterns and ruffles might have initially blinded us, but after our eyes re-adapted to the wonders of ROY-G-BIV, we realize Tucker might be onto something with unique patterns starting at $50. It's going to be a bright winter.

The sale was split into two sections: current items for 40% off in the front, and sample pieces in the back. The current stuff included checkered frocks in slightly more muted colors, tunic shirts for $156 (were $260), and a head-to-toe patterned romper with a deep scoop in the back for $208 (was $347). All three styles came in denim colored material as well.

While a few folks rifled through the front garments, the prizes were clearly in the back, where signature silks and some heavier items from seasons past filled two hanging racks. An hour into the sale, the organization had denigrated into a free-for-all, which made us extremely thankful for the giant neon tags with the price, the reason for the garment's sale (damaged, production fit, sample fit, etc), and season neatly printed on each. It was especially gratifying when none of the tags listed anything over $85.

Most of the items were the last of their kind. We loved one breezy black frock with pink butterflies for $85 and a turtle necked shift with a braided pattern for $75. Standouts for the non-silk fare include several furry black knee-length skirts, light teal shorts with mesh trim for $60, and a thick black-and-white diamond patterned tunic for $75 (old monochrome habits die hard for us, apparently). A couple vests, a creamy colored pantsuit, ruffled tops for $50, and some tanks for $60 made appearances as well.

Sizing for samples ranges from petite to...petite. That may seem limited, but the easy cut of the dresses allows the sizing to range from a 0 to a 6—the same as most sample sales. As for fitting rooms, there are none. With few places to hide, it's just you, two huge mirrors, and fifteen or so other shoppers.

After a slew of big sales in giant warehouses with high stress sales teams, the boutique intimacy of Tucker's West Broadway shop and the super friendly staff was a breath of fresh air—one that felt and, thanks to the samples, looked a lot like summer. All we're missing is the tan.
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