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The Roger Vivier Sample Sale Gets Rave Reviews

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Image via <a href="">The JetShopper</a>
Image via The JetShopper

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Yesterday, French footwear label Roger Vivier kicked off its first New York sample sale at Soiffer Haskin. The company is famous for avoiding discounts, but they found a way to keep things classy even in the less-than-luxe context of a sale, announcing that they would donate a portion of the proceeds to charity New Yorkers for Children.

Mizhattan, Madison Avenue Spy, and the JetShopper all checked out the sale when it opened, and all agree that the merchandise is pretty spectacular. We've pulled out relevant quotes below, but first, let's quickly run through the pricing. Classic buckle styles are mostly $275, while non-buckle shoes are another $20 off. For boots, prepare to spend between $420 and $600. Bags fall into roughly the same range, although the big ones go up to $800. As for smaller accessories, gloves, wallets, and makeup cases are $200, while jewelry falls around $100.

Here's what each blog had to say.

Mizhattan: "When you were a child, did you ever play in a fort made out of unused cardboard boxes? Well today, I saw the grown up version. A glamorous fort made entirely out of Vivier's vibrant red boxes. Ladies, I'm not kidding about the mountains of boxes that filled the event space. They were stacked so high that some of the staff behind the tables were hidden from view. There were countless styles of Bruno Frisoni's creations for the French house, and even though I frequently visit their flagship boutique, I have never seen so many Viviers in my life."

Madison Avenue Spy: "While each item does not seem overly expensive, it's hard not to grab a bag and at least two pair of shoes. By the time you're at the register the damage is over $1000. For others, it was several times that amount."

The JetShopper: "Although Soiffer Haskin has a reputation of almost always making additional mark-downs towards the end of their sales, a sales associate confidently told me she didn’t expect any more discounts. If you’re looking for a classic style in black, navy or brown, head there soon since sizes were going quickly and the women there were serious shoe shoppers."

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