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New on Madison Avenue: An Italian Luxury Label for Kids

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Anyone who still doubts that high-end kidswear is a trend should check out the new Madison Avenue home of Il Gufo, an Italian luxury label for children. The store takes up 485 square feet across two levels. Like its neighbor to the south, Gucci Kids, it's designed to look crisp and elegant but still child-friendly, with bleached oak floors and glass walls.

Il Gufo's motto is "Children dressed as children,” so the merchandise isn't fussy or overly mature, even if it's luxe. A boy's flannel button-down costs $160 (roughly adult male Steven Alan prices), while a girl's polka-dot dress goes for $266. Il Gufo has been carried by US stores like Barneys and Saks for years, but they're hoping to open more flagships soon.
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