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Denim-fest Commences at James Jeans

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LA-based denim company James Jeans ponied up the goods around 9am yesterday in its giant Tribeca showroom. We'll forgive them for filling that amazing loft space with pants, seeing those kinds of deals were pretty distracting—plus everything was impeccably organized. Denim was arranged from table to table by size, then further divided by style (so on the 27 table, for example, there are separate piles of twiggy/legging, twiggy crop, boot, straight, wide and skinny jeans).

Ladies of all shapes and sizes, this sale is for you, but if you're a 25 this sale is a gift wrapped in gold leafing, tied with a satin bow, and tagged with your name on it. The tiniest among us enjoy $50 for James Icon denim or two pairs for $90, while the rest get the still pretty fantastic $80 per pair or two for $150 (prices down from anywhere between $136 to about $200).

But before all you 26-32ers (24 notwithstanding!) start your emergency diets, know that you have a much larger selection. There are velvet styles in a rich plumb, mandarin, charcoal, and light red as well as corduroys and the highly anticipated dark wash denim. We also spotted a few spring varieties like the lighter denim and green and purple skinnies, which can weather the winter with a little creativity.

Apologies dudes, but your pant options are a little less varied. There's a hanging rack of sale denim for $40 and the rest, which fills a single shelving unit, is $80 per pair and two for $150 just like the women's. But if its any consolation, you will find some khakis among the dark denim and sizes 28 to 40 are represented. All we can recommend is getting there fast.

If you're a lady and are looking for that much more of a deal, be sure to check out the select boyfriend jeans for $50 and/or white jeans in cropped, skinny, wide, and boot for $55 or two for $100. Also, shorts and skirts are $40 or two for $75. But the hands-down best bet are the women's "sale" pieces, a mixture of spring looks that are heavy on the crop and light on the color. These are $20 (!)

The women's clothing fills only one rack and shares another with some of the non-denim James Icon pieces. In short, there's not a lot of selection when it comes to the upper half, but expect a great deal if you get lucky. We found the "peek-a-boo V neck" in a couple different colors for $35 (were $75), a larger stock of trenches in khaki and black for $75 (were $304), and Kara mink sweaters (a kind of drapey and super soft number) for $60 (down from $106). We also absolutely loved the James Icon hoodie for $40 (was $150).

Final tidbits: Expansive dressing rooms for both sexes provide all the space you could possibly require for doing what you gotta do to get your jeans on. Cash and credit are accepted. You have until Thursday at 7:30pm to get in on the action.
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