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Joinery Sambas into Williamsburg with Brazilian Imports

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Opening today in Williamsburg is Joinery, which carries hard-to-find clothing and unusual housewares in equal measure. Owner Angela Silva, who's half-Brazilian, prepped for the opening by traveling to the rural Brazilian weaving town Resende Costa and picking up handmade blankets and rugs. (She made the trip with her boyfriend Emil Corsillo, who's got some 'Burg retail experience himself, having just opened Hickoree's Hard Goods.)

In addition to the linens, Silva stocked up on womenswear from international brands, including several that aren't carried at any other US store, and carefully selected a small collection of menswear. She also renovated the space, personally taking a blowtorch to the pine floorboards that cover the ceiling and back wall to achieve the perfect shade of scorched brown.
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263 S 1st St Brooklyn NY 11211