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A Well-Dressed Crowd Waits on Fifth Avenue for the DVF Sale

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This morning at 9am, the biannual Diane von Furstenberg sale officially opens to the public at 260 Fifth Avenue. The sale actually started letting customers in yesterday after the press preview, but there's nothing like opening day buzz for a good lineblog. Tiffany Yannetta reports live from the scene.

8:33am: Good morning, it's freezing! I'd say there are probably between 50-75 people in line. It's split into three sections to keep the sidewalk open.

8:38am: The line now hits the end of Fifth Avenue at 28th Street, but doesn't go past that yet.

8:42am: Two girls just walked past complimenting everyone's outfit and saying that people are so well dressed for the DVF sale.

8:43am: I think the girls who like our outfits work at DVF.

8:46am: The line now wraps around the corner of 28th Street and Fifth Avenue. It's got to be 100 people by now.

8:50am: On opening day at some DVF sales, you can see staffers wheeling in racks of clothing, replenishing what disappeared on preview day. Maybe that happened earlier, but I'm not seeing anything, just FedEx people going in next door.

8:58am: It's just about 9am. So far no movement from the front. I hope they let us in soon because my toes are totally numb.

9:05am: Oh! Front line is moving! About the crowd: Everyone is basically just wearing nice coats. It turns out those girls were from DVF and were just trying to get everyone excited. There's actually several pairs of Uggs in the line and for once it seems like a smart idea. A lot of people look like they're here before work.

9:08am: They just let in a few more.

9:12am: I'm in the second part of the three-part line, and we're slowly inching up so that I now have a better view of the door. A guy in a big green puffy coat seems to be the bouncer. And a staffer in a DVF shirt just ran out to check the line.

9:18am: So far I haven't seen anyone come out yet, but people are steadily being let in, maybe in groups of five. I'm about ten people away from the front of the second line, and there's still about 20-25 people in the first line.

9:25am: One woman just walked out with two shopping bags. She looks pretty happy.

9:31am: OK, I'm finally in the first part of the line! We were at a standstill for a while.

9:34am: More and more people are coming out, and all of them have bags.

9:38am: Only four people ahead of me! I'm watching a girl beg the guy in the puffy coat, "Can't she come out and get me?"

9:41am: A group of women just came out and opened up their bags to go through their purchases at the bus stop.

9:48am: I'm going in!

For a live account of the chaos inside the sale, step right this way.

260 Fifth

260 Fifth Ave New York NY