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Prepare to Spend All Day Waiting in the DVF Fitting Room Line

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After waiting an hour and fifteen minutes, our correspondent Tiffany Yannetta has finally penetrated the Diane von Furstenberg sale, which officially began this morning at 260 Fifth. Her live report continues below.

9:48am: I'm in! It's crazy in here.

9:50am: Since we already covered the basic pricing details at the VIP preview, let's talk now about what's actually selling and what's staying on the racks. The accessories area is packed and so is the tops section. Over in accessories, there's one girl clamoring for checkbooks.

9:52am: The dresses area is relatively tame, but the line for the fitting room is also nuts.

9:55am: People seem to be grabbing mostly dresses and tops. No one's really touching skirts. Everyone has at least five or so items.

10:02am: Most people in line to pay have armfuls of clothing. One woman in front of me has approximately a million dresses, and since the line is right by the accessories section, she just added a bag.

10:13am: $80 sweater update: The boxes are still filled, but they're impossible to get to because that's where people are hovering and contemplating their purchases. I'm seeing sweaters in green, gold, and burgundy, plus red sweater dresses.

10:20am: Vintage is scattered throughout the sale, so it's hard to tell whether the selection is bigger or smaller than yesterday, but I do seem to be seeing a lot of it.

10:28am: A few readers have asked if it's worth a trip for the small accessories alone. I'd say yes, although I only saw a few scarves. There are still a ton of belts left, though.

10:31am: Yesterday, Cynthia was impressed by the coats. Today, I'm not seeing as many, although there is a good amount of cropped purple jackets.

10:34am: Oh man. Sale staffers just let a woman cut the line because she has a toddler with her. They also let her use the bathroom.

10:36am: It's getting aggressive in here. Some woman just called someone else a bitch under her breath. I think that's my cue to exit.

10:52am: Checked out the line on my way out. It goes down Fifth Avenue and wraps around 28th Street, and it looks to be about 100 people long.