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Elizabeth Taylor Auction Catalog; Tell Us Your Favorite Bathroom

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Image via Getty

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MIDTOWN—Good news for people who love Elizabeth Taylor but don't have $3.5 million to spend on any of her diamonds: Christie's is selling the catalog from their auction/exhibit. You can actually buy one of several catalogs, though none of them are terribly cheap: Prices range from $150 to a $600 deluxe edition packaged with Taylor's own out-of-print book My Love Affair with Jewelry. The latter is sold strictly for charity, with all proceeds going to Taylor's AIDS foundation. [Christie's]

EVERYWHERE—We're compiling a list of the city's best in-store bathrooms for your holiday shopping convenience. Got one that we might not know about? Email us at, let us know in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter at @rackedny, where readers have already recommended C. Wonder, Restoration Hardware, and a few other notable loos. [The Mgmt]


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