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All that Glitters Is Currently On Sale at nOir's Midtown Showroom

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What's tall and dark and sparkles all over? Alexander McQueen's 10-inch stilettos, Robert Pattison, anything Lady Gaga wears. Also, nOir's Gotham City ring, which you'll find on sale right now at nOir's W. 38th Street showroom. We were lucky enough to preview the selection before the crowds descended this morning at 10am, and we're happy to report that salegoers are in for a treat.

Since we're in a dessert-first kind of mood, we'll start with the richest baubles. After reaching the 5th floor from a street-level elevator, make a sharp right into the showroom where nOir's cocktail rings-cum-mini-tutorials-in-cool are displayed against a printout advertizing everything for under $100. Hubba, hubba. Here you'll find the Natasha Russian Doll ring (was $225), Barbie Dream Home ring (was $175), and the Bat Girl double ring (was $300 and looks like the last of the DC Comics inspired line), along with eye-catching zoo animal, fantasy fauna, and sea-life motifs. Fair warning: These aren't expected to last long.

The most serious commitments to awesome somehow manage to shine brighter and twinkle harder at the sample sale price. Witness the Brooklyn Bridge double ring (a cubic zirconia encrusted ring with 22k gold plated brass that was $250), the Pirate Ship ring (was $195) and the Gotham City ring. Really, when you fit five city blocks between the pinky and middle finger, you've got something special, and when it's $125 off—well now, need we say more?

There are plenty of treasures to be plundered in the rest of the sale (Get it? Like pirates! There's a ton of sea-worthy motif earrings, rings, and necklaces for under $30. Argh!) Leather cuffs and bracelets with pave and solid brass detail are $35-$90, black plastic layering bangles in an art-deco style are $10-$15, assorted metal cuffs are $20, and pyramid earrings are $25. In the ring department, there are $45 three-piece sets and $15 assorted rings. In both cases, size 6-7 have their own bowl, while 8 and up share a bowl.

Now you know. Go forth and bedazzle yourself.—Kenzie Bryant
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