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Four Mistakes to Avoid at the AEFFE Sample Sale

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There are some things you can count on at higher-end sample sales: (a) "Sale" doesn't mean inexpensive, (b) tensions tend to run high, and (c) you're going to get distracted by the straight-from-the-runway goods, whether you're shopping Jean-Paul Gaultier, Pollini, Cacharel, Moschino, Love Moschino, or Alberta Feretti. The rest is kind of a crap shoot. So while we can't plan your sale experience entirely—the unexpected makes it fun!—feel free to learn from some of the mistakes we made at the AEFFE sale.

1. Forgetting a snack
We arrived around 11am when the sale was in full swing, and it quickly became clear that some folks had traded their lunch break for designer deals. (Can't say that our own empty tummies were entirely unrelated to the liberation our elbows experienced as the racks got a little more crowded.) However, there's no need to feed aggression with starvation this early in the sale. When we left a little after 1pm, the racks were still packed with Philosophy dresses from $266 and collared and color blocked tops from Cacharel around a $200 price-point, as well as plenty of billowy tops by Gaultier and sweetly cute looks by Love Moschino. So throw a protein bar in your purse, and keep smiling, if only to make fitting-room camaraderie possible.

2. Wearing wool, velvet, or anything that's not a thin t-shirt
The weather is perfectly crisp but the heat's still on in the W. 56th Street showroom—literally. Coupled with the constant bending, shuffling, reaching, and stuffing body parts into distinctively shaped garments, the high temperatures inside can take a toll on your sample sale resolve, not to mention your sweat glands.

The racks offer little hope for changing into something more comfortable while there. Velvet, silks, thick cottons, and fur trims are the materials of choice (save for one totally see-through Moschino skirt for $700). On the upside, this means a very cozy winter ahead. It also means perfect dresses for party season, like Philosophy's velvet cocktail dress in a rich mulberry for $800 or the gold textured skirt for $255, also from Philosophy. Sizes 6 and 8 are the most plentiful in each section, but we found an occasional 4 in the jackets, dresses, tops, and skirts.

3. Getting distracted by the Alberta Ferreti coats
These winter coats are beautiful. Jewel toned fur and occasionally sequined, they are a sight to behold, and all yours for $800 to $2,600 and some change. If that's a little out of your price range, tear yourself away and head to the accessory nook in the back room where there are still a few Love Moschino wallets for $30 and clutches with heron, fish, and frog decals for $38.

4. Belonging to the species Footus Ginormous
Women's Moschino and Pollini boots, pumps, oxfords, and flats were the most plentiful in size 35-37, but 38-40s were very rare finds. Black leather Moschino riding boots for $398 were well stocked in every size, but after several minutes of exasperated pulling, they just wouldn't go on. Also, heading to the men's section isn't really an option (even for actual men) because it has so little to choose from. Some of us are just going to have to sit this one out, but best of luck to our tiny-footed friends.

There you have our AEFFE sample sale mistakes, so now you can go make your own. There's a coat and bag check at the door and plastic is accepted. The sale ends Saturday at 5pm.
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