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André Leon Talley's 10 Best Tips From the Manolo Sample Sale

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André Leon Talley has been dishing out advice at the Manolo Blahnik sample sale for three years now, and in that amount of time has had no shortage of things to say. The Times stopped by the sale, and describes ALT as "the vast Vogue editor sprawled resplendently in a chair," saying things like: "That white saddle stitching will fit right in in Rockland County, sweetie—suburban chic!"

In addition to telling us that his vote for our #fashionicecream contest was "André Limon Talley," he also had a lot of other amazing things to say to complete strangers as they picked out their shoes. We've rounded up and ranked 10 of the best—which was pretty hard to do—and put them after the jump.

10. "I am never wrong."

9. In reference to a pair of water snake knee-high boots: "They're made from some kind of fish scale. That's sort of sustainable, sort of green."

8. "You don't want Pepto Bismol pink or Tweety Bird yellow."

7. "Darling, those boots will get you that life!"

6. "Oh baby, you've got the hot little body for cheerleader boots. Wear them in Gstaad or St. Moritz."

5. "You can go to L. L. Bean for that."

4. "Your calves are too fat. Stop going to the gym so much."

3. "Sexy at the ocean!"

2. "Annie Oakley is not 'in' this year."

1. To a woman holding a pair of "S&M" stilettos: "They will help you get a night, not a boyfriend."

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