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Photo Evidence of the Thom Browne Line, Plus a Price List!

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If you're planning to brave the Thom Browne sample sale today, get used to the view above, because that's what you're going to be staring at for quite a while. Our spy has been there for an hour and a half and reports that he's finally getting close to the entrance.

Meanwhile, in the comments section of an earlier post, a reader estimates that they're letting in something like one person for every four minutes. "There was also probably 60 behind me when I left," he writes, "meaning a wait of nearly 4 hours if they kept the current pace." (It's like a math question on the Fashion SAT! A very basic math question.)

We hear dress shirts are $40, but according to rumors leaking out from inside the sale, they're out of size 3s, with only very large and very small sizes left.

Update: Ladies and gentlemen (mainly gentlemen), we have a price list. Repeat: We have a price list.

Suits: $400

Sportscoats: $250

Outerwear from $200 and up, wool topcoats from $400

Six ties for $100

Knits from $75 to $250

Lots of cardigans

Underwear: $15

Basics: $25

Polos: $75

Shoes: $100

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Thom Browne Sample Sale

210 11th Avenue, New York NY