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Jewelry Is Under $100 at the Fenton/Fallon Sample Sale

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All Fenton/Fallon jewelry is under $100 at the 36th Street headquarters today, but the bustle of previous sales is more like a steady flow of dedicated deal-seekers this time around. All the better for getting up close and personal with '80s- and '90s-inspired baubles that make us want to watch Heathers and/or Pretty Woman on a continuous loop until our loved ones intervene. But we'll resist (for today and tomorrow at least) because Dana Lorenz is unloading all of her current inventory, and there are awesome, bitchin', totally tubular deals to be had.

Again, the pieces are divided by price beginning at $10. There isn't much to the $10-$20 table, but it includes some dangling earrings in black or silver crystals and a couple chain-link bracelets. Right next door there are a few pairs of crystal bow earrings for $20. Dana hinted that she's saving more of the $20 fare for tomorrow, so those of you on a budget who still want in on the action should drop by then.

For the girl who takes her bows with spikes, you can head pretty much anywhere in the showroom, but the $30 and $40 displays offer great earrings, rings, and necklaces for mixing and matching. Among the $30 finger candy, two chain-link double rings in brass and pewter, black-banded rings with a dangling cross charm, and a single leather spiked ring are especially covetable. That section also has some Elizabeth-Taylor-as-Cleopatra inspired gold necklaces with sphinx detailing, as well as wider bangles with a dripping-paint look.

At the $50 display, the silver, green, and dark red Swarovski crystal statement rings stand out (as statement rings tend to do), but don't get too distracted by them. You might miss the great bracelets that are ten chain-links abreast, or gold chain-link necklaces.

The $60 and $70 section is a bangle haven. This area is a ready-made arm party. While you're at that table, go ahead and grab a couple chunky chokers in brass, Swarovski crystal, or gold with glass pearl detail. Also, there's one particularly luxe looking gunmetal chain-link necklace that's down from $225, which the team displayed in a layered look that would double as an excellent neck workout.

And finally, the $100 necklaces are draped over hangers in the center of the room. If that's not eye-catching enough, most pieces mix neon colored links with metal, spikes, feathers, and bows for an extra oomph in the accessorizing department.

The sale started picking up by the midday mark, so you might want to head over first thing tomorrow morning for a fresh selection. Dana promised a few more Fenton necklaces and Fallen cuffs in the $10-$40 range, plus she plans to knock an additional $10-$30 off select pieces. Exactly which pieces remains a surprise, but who doesn't love surprises when jewelry is involved?—Kenzie Bryant
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