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Fishs Eddy Uses Occupy Wall Street to Hawk Housewares

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Flatiron District housewares store Fishs Eddy has never been afraid to get cheeky with its signage. This is, after all, the shop that used to sell utensils with the slogan "A forkin' great deal!" But we're not sure how to feel about their latest ads, which are all about Occupy Wall Street. Granted, Fishs Eddy isn't exactly Citibank. It's a small local business, it's incredibly affordable, and it helps support New York's Food Bank. But still: Co-opting a political movement to sell Christmas presents seems a little tasteless. What do you think?
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Fishs Eddy

889 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website

Fishs Eddy

889 Broadway New York NY 10003