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Korres Has Decided to Close Its Soho Store After All

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The Korres flagship at 110 Wooster Street in Soho has been closed for renovations for quite some time now (our count is around six months), but today, we finally found out what's going on. The brand is also carried at the nearby Sephora on Broadway, and a decision has been made that that's enough for now. They explained to us that "after much consideration, Korres has decided to close the freestanding Soho store. We are currently focused on enhancing our presence at Sephora."

They also added a nice little thank you to those who have been a little bewildered these past few months: "For our beloved customers who frequented the Soho store, we thank you for your ongoing patronage and are pleased to tell you that you can now find your favorite Korres products just four blocks away at Sephora." So there you have it. Mystery solved, case closed, go to Sephora.
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