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A&F, Hollister to Celebrate Black Friday With Hot, Shirtless Guys

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On Black Friday, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister stores will be opening at midnight nationwide, and they'll be filling those stores with thousands of hot guys. We swung by both Fifth Avenue flagships this morning to meet a few of them (we know, it was grueling) and of course, snapped a few pics.

When we stopped by, there were 101 hot guys at Abercrombie, and 101 lifeguards at Hollister, riling up the crowds and whipping the tourists into a frenzy. (They're only there until noon, though, so if you missed it, you have to wait until midnight on Thursday.) They told us that they're prepping for the event by doing "thousands of push ups" and are very excited to be at their respective stores on Black Friday, shirtless—we even heard promises of pizza and Red Bull. The guys at Abercrombie also told us they really like the dark, skinny jeans they're wearing because "the girls love them." If by girls, they mean us, then yes, we did.
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