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Inside Greg Lauren's Military-Themed Installation on Grand Street

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Greg Lauren is showing off a collection of gorgeous one-of-a-kind dresses, coats and other goodies at Barracks, a pop-up installation entitled The Soldier Inside at 125 Grand Street just off Broadway. What's on hand are sharply cut designs expressing martial romanticism, all hand sewn and putting to great use army blankets and other assorted military surplus.

The store opened on Veterans Day and proceeds from the pricey pieces go towards the benefit of Operation Mend, a program to serve soldiers and treat the wounds of war.

Barracks is bivouacked within one of the oldest buildings in Soho, where recent exterior restoration revealed a faded hand-painted banner across the brick facade proclaiming Grand Street Hall. In the 1840s the building was a meeting place for some notorious gangs of New York from the nearby Five Points. Later it served as a site for conscription of soldiers into service during the Civil War.

Now those soldierly roots have come full circle. One recent afternoon Ralph Lauren, Greg's uncle, was spotted inside, trying on some of the trimly cut coats and setting aside a few to take home. Whether seeking something radically chic for a local occupation or looking for an edgy outfit to honor those who serve, Barracks offers something for everyone. Well, given the prices, maybe just a small percent of everyone.
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Ralph Lauren - Rhinelander Mansion

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