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Versace for H&M: The Fifth Avenue Aftermath

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As expected, the Fifth Avenue flagship H&M is all but sold out of Versace for H&M pieces, and the leftovers are nothing to write home about. There are a lot of the heart-printed fringe pieces left including skirts, dresses and tops. We saw four racks full of the long purple dress with the asymmetric neckline—it looks to be the least popular item of the collection, at least in this location. The heeled leather sandals are still available in almost every size, and wide belts are available in each color.

As for menswear, two items were left: The leather studded pants and leather/wool coat. Items were noticeably low quality. Two pairs of the men's leather pants were already ripped in the crotch, but we saw people pick them up and buy them anyway. The Versace for H&M section of the store had emptied so quickly that staff had moved regular H&M items in to fill the empty racks.

Sales staff confirmed the store is not receiving new shipments. They expect to be completely sold out by Wednesday at the latest, so we hope you weren't harboring dreams of Black Friday deals on Versace for H&M.—Taylor Droddy
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