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Get Samples from M.Patmos and Leroy & Perry for Under $100

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The M. Patmos and Leroy & Perry sample sale began yesterday at 425 W. 13th Street. Once inside, you have to check your bags and coats. The room is small, with samples largely on the left side and back wall and what they call production pieces (i.e. non-sample items) along the right wall and center of the room.

There is a rack dedicated to sample and vintage items for $35 and cashmere samples for $50. Plastic boxes in the middle of the room contain sample and non-sample items such as ombre tissue cashmere scarves ($50), thick cashmere scarves ($75), thin sample scarves ($25), wool hats ($35), fur hats ($100), underpinnings ($5), web belts ($5), leather belts ($20), sample skirts/shorts/pants/leggings ($25) and a damaged bin ($10).

But the sale consists mostly of undamaged samples, and the staff encourages you to try on pieces you might not otherwise, explaining that everything looks different on the hanger than it does on. Sample sizes are generally small but the majority of the merchandise is loosely cut and worth a try.

As the sale continues, some non-sample pieces will be replenished. There are quite a few one-of-a-kind items here that are not sample pieces (fur shawl, short fur coat and sweaters) so it's worthwhile to take a close look through the racks. If you are a M. Patmos fan, you will recognize many pieces such as their fur front and merino wool cardigan ($150), sequin front tank ($200), poncho top ($100), and lace tops ($50).

There are no changing rooms but there is a large mirror against the wall that will become the designated changing area. The windows in the room face the side of a brick building, so it's relatively private.—Pam Krywy
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