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The Calypso St. Barth Accessories Store Is a Dream Closet

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The new Calypso St. Barth accessories store at 280 Mott Street opens up tomorrow, and we swung by this morning to take a spin around. The store is small in a way that's cozy instead of cramped, which probably has something to do with the giant, plush ottoman in the center and a chair that kind of looks like a giant sheepdog—perfect for napping—in the corner. Calypso Creative Director Elisa Miller referred to the store as "a dream closet," and also called it "the icing on the cake" to the Calypso brand. We're inclined to agree.

Inside, accessories are displayed on shelves in a color-coded fashion, with additional scarves hanging on wooden fixtures and some of the jewelry housed in a case toward the back. Pretty much, if you need a gift for a girl who likes pretty things, this is one-stop shopping at its finest. There's leopard-print hats from Eugenia Kim, python embossed clutches from Ambre Babzee, Anniel glitter ballet flats, Calypso fragrances, and the bright pink piggy banks you can find in their home decor store.

There's stationary from Russel + Hazel, Christian Dior's Little Fashion Dictionary, a book on Chanel, and other odds and ends, like candles, more scarves, and more hats. Miller told us that everything in the store—even the pillows on the ottoman—were for sale. We asked her if that was true for the sheepdog chair (which we know is made out of something much more expensive), and she said, "It could be!" We suggest heading down first thing tomorrow to begin your barter.
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