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Hanky Panky Takes Further Reductions on Everything But Thongs

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Yesterday, on day two of Hanky Panky's sample sale, we noticed a lack of that special kind of insanity $11 lace thongs tend to attract. Hi, 2pm on a Wednesday. Commence leisurely undergarment shopping.

As if we needed another excuse to skip laundry day (again), the staff was slashing prices off the already-marked-down goodies when we arrived. Over the span of an hour, the glam bra camis went from $22 to $15 and the bandeaux bras became two for $15. We found a few of the neon bralettes in the medium bins and a nearly full bin of garter panties that had us thinking maybe we can pull off a full-on garter plus thigh highs and matching bra. There we go thinking again.

One Hanky Panky veteran working the sale vowed to continue wielding the magical discounting sharpie on everything except for the thongs. And good thing too, because these little pieces of panty heaven are going fast at $11 a pop already. It helps that over at the aptly dubbed "thong bar" you can buy twelve pairs and get a thirteenth free. We overheard some staff talking about how surprising it is that there are still black thongs left, but the brighter colors are selling like hot-cakes. Holy neon nether-regions.

If you're a full-coverage kinda girl, say no more—you're in the right place. The boy-shorts ($12), bikini cut ($10), and retro thongs ($11) have benefited big time from the replenishing stock. Full bins in small, medium, and large hold solids, neons, and printed varieties of each. Also, the camis and tanks for $12 still have wide color and sizing options so take a moment and stock up for life on these layering basics.

Back in the lingerie and sleepwear section, there were no Anna Sui collaboration pieces to be found, but a ton of lace lingerie like the printed babydoll chemises for $25. It's starting to get difficult to find matching tops and bottoms when they don't come together, but there are still plenty of ways to create that perfect combination of sexy and cute—and we ladies all want to be sexy and cute. Cue the Ryan Gosling reel.
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