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What to Buy at Steven Alan: No. 6, Lewis Cho, the In-House Line

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Now that we've discussed strategy at the Steven Alan sale, let's talk merchandise. The large location and wide selection provides somewhat of a department store experience, and the two different floors provide completely different atmospheres. Upstairs, under incandescent lights and amid the soft buzz of good deal discovery and the scent of herbal soap, there are brands like Thom Dolan Kids, Ulla Johnson for Barneys, and Standard Issue. The selection for women includes great (and popular) pieces from No. 6 Vintage, Relwan outerwear, and Lewis Cho.

The Spring and Clifton selection had wool knit pants for $70, maxi dresses for $80 from $285 and quality wraps and sweaters priced mostly around $100. The three racks of Ulla Johnson featured gorgeous matte silk printed pieces with tops ranging from $30 to $105 and one amazing shearling toggle jacket for $400.

Women in resort mode pulled from Ethiopian made brand LemLem, which had bright shirred gauze dresses and shirts for $105 and $88, down from a price point of $200. Neighbor brand Sea was going quickly with fun star-print pants, dresses, and felted wool leopard print pieces all around $100.

There was also a rack featuring L Train Vintage on which we spied a throwback Juicy Couture coat and a Sears leather bomber from around the 1970's. Other brands for women included Hyden Yoo and Gar-De which had a black lambskin cape priced at $600 down from $900 and a hot pink leather zip-up at $148 from $660. The majority of women's pieces seemed to be size 4 and smalls, but it was open range on sweaters.

Men's outerwear ranged anywhere from $60 for Relwan work coats, to $169 for parkas and just $80 for some Hyden Yoo wool pieces. Flannels and sport coats were a stronghold in this area at $20 and $160 respectively. Another big buy for men is Cardigan Brand cardigans at a flat $50. In this area, there were a lot of mediums and extra larges.

Accessories range from hand-spun statement winter hats by Mischa & Co. starting at $50, to No. 6 clogs and boots marked from $155 to $265, to Oliveve leather bags starting at $90 for a textured metallic bucket crossbody.

The downstairs section encourages a completely different way of shopping. It was not so much being ravaged by the time we arrived, and the fluorescent light, mood music, multiple mirrors, and organization by size were relaxing. This level is much easier to explain, as it was mostly Steven Alan, with shoes from Nike, Birkenstock and others and then some final randoms thrown in like Threadless tees and generic plastic wrapped underwear.

Prices were generally as follows:

Men's Button Down Shirts: Were $178, now $78
Men's Pants: Were $198, now $79
Men's Jackets: Were $435, now $175
Women's Sweaters: Were $248, now $99
Women's Dresses: Were $325, now $129
Women's Woven Tops: Were $168, now $68

These price layouts were the highest levels, so there are still additional deals to be found. We spotted some men's chinos individually marked at $49 and some women's tops around $40. There were also boxes of items like leather mittens, ties, wool caps, shorts, scarves, and more. Spring and Fall pieces with a full range of sizes and many, many options were represented down here as well as some great leather and canvas totes that customers couldn't help but add to their loads as they waited in line.

Coat check upon entry is highly organized and requires everyone check their bags with the exception of a wallet. Additionally, they will hold onto bags of purchases between floors. We recommend having cash on hand, allowing you to skip the glacial pace of the credit card line (we don't think anyone left without purchasing something, which obviously contributed to length). But Visa, Mastercard and Amex are accepted. We did learn in our check-out that Steven Alan is having an additional register overnighted for use starting today, so things will run much more smoothly as the week continues.
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