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Behold: A Forbidden Glimpse Inside the Private Louboutin Sale

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Lord only knows how she did it, but @ManhattanMingle managed to take a series of photos inside the private Christian Louboutin sale. Key details: As in past years, the sale consists of shoes in boxes in a no-frills space. Today's invites admitted only one customer each, although they were letting shoppers bring plus-ones if you asked nicely.

@ManhattanMingle guesses that about 45% of the merchandise was from the last sale, and notes that she really had to dig for her black shoe purchases, since most of the styles came in bright colors. Espadrilles are $150, and there's a large stock of white satin shoes (which can be dyed, if you like the look but not the color.) They won't be replenishing. And lastly, per Mingle: "The chicks there were ruthless—do not abandon your pile!"
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