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Louboutin Says There's No Sample Sale This Morning

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This morning, we stopped by the Christian Louboutin sale, only to find that there was basically no line—and apparently—no sale. A sign posted to the door (above) read: "Dear Visitors, Please note: there is NO Christian Louboutin sale happening at this time." We thought something was a little off, seeing as there wasn't a fashion editor in sight.

The line of about 10 people wasn't about to quit, though, even after an employee came out in spiked Louboutin boots to tell everyone there wasn't a sale. No one else in line had a hard invite, except for a two girls who explained that a friend had forwarded them an invitation that said the sale began on Friday, for celebrities. That's consistent with what Madison Avenue Spy said yesterday: "An informant tells us that throughout Monday and over the weekend, A-list celebrities and VIPs have been scooping up discount Louboutins." Not a single thing has popped up on Twitter from any of them, though, so we're wondering if NDAs came attached with the invite this year.
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