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Take a Trip to Cashmere City at the White + Warren Sale

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The White & Warren sample sale began this morning with a crowd of eager shoppers all vying for a piece of high-quality cashmere. The doors to the showroom opened promptly at 8am and a mad dash was on for the back room, which contained boxes of samples. Priced at $15 for t-shirts, $25 for non-cashmere, and $35 for cashmere, the pieces virtually disappeared within ten minutes.

There were a variety of cashmere sweaters (cardigans, dusters and pullovers) in assorted colors (grey, black, burgundy, coral, and cream). We also heard tell of cashmere slippers, but those were snatched up instantly. One woman was even walking around with a lone purple slipper hoping to find its mate. Sample boxes of cotton items were available, but went as fast as the cashmere. Sadly, the samples will not be replenished throughout the sale.

While virtually all of the samples are gone, there is still plenty of cashmere to be found at the sale and the more you buy, the less expensive it becomes ($85 each or two for $150). The space is well organized, with everything either hanging on racks or folded on tables. The friendly staff behind the tables will help you find your size or search in the boxes beneath the tables for you.

Immediately upon entering the sale, you'll find long-sleeve crew neck and turtleneck t-shirts for $25. A rack of colorful scarves and wraps ($125 each) stands by the door priced, and fingerless gloves are $40. If you don’t get to the scarves and wraps immediately, you can catch them on your way out.

Styles of sweaters are hung up behind a table, so you can ask for whatever you’re looking for if you don’t see it. There are crew necks, cardigans, hooded sweaters, v-necks, turtlenecks and cable knits available.

On the racks there are double-layer, hooded, and animal-print fur coats for $150. There are a couple of racks of brightly colored cashmere cardigans in all sizes, some belted. We only saw a few of White & Warren’s signature ruffled cardigans, but ask the staff to check if there are more available as shoppers are continually putting items back. Long black cashmere dresses ($125), black knit skirts with leather accents, and plain black pants can also be found for $60.

Unfortunately, the men’s section is small with a few cashmere crew and v-neck pullovers ($100), thermal scarves and striped cotton polo t-shirts ($25).

A final note: There are no changing rooms and the showrooms windows (located on the 3rd floor) overlook 40th Street and Bryant Park, so come prepared with proper undergarments if you’re on the shy side.—Pam Krywy
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