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Here's H&M's Response to the NYDN Article About "Real Models"

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H&M's PR department has sent out an email today in response to the NYDN's article claiming that Donatella Versace didn't want "real NYC women" modeling the Versace x H&M collection for an upcoming photo feature. It doesn't say much, except mostly that the whole thing was just one big miscommunication. Have a look at it after the jump.

We are very surprised by the NY Daily news article and do not understand how they came to this conclusion. We can only explain it as a misunderstanding and a series of miscommunication. H&M is a democratic fashion brand and it is not our policy to decide models for fashion features in media. Both H&M and Versace have, over many years, cast from a wide and diverse pool, not only of models, but of celebrities and personalities reflective of all ethnicities, gender, ages and sizes.

Well, there you have it.
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