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The Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale Is Stocked and Ready

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A line greeted us at the door of the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, and seeing as today's showing was just a preview, there's no telling what tomorrow has in store—but if it's anything short of mayhem, we'll be surprised (and then pretty ecstatic. Sorry Becs, it's the more-for-us mentality).

While there was a table of shoes and a rack of clothes, the bags obviously stole the show, and then they took that show on the road, spreading leathered, studded, quilted, and fringed joy to the chicest girls and boys (but mostly girls). There were up to six tables full of designs from Smitten to Fling that ran lengthwise down the rented ware-house showroom on W. 14th Street—plus boxes of back-up bags stored under these tables. Signs that name, pictify, and price each item are posted around the space, but we had to do a little running around to figure out what each bag costs since some of pictures don't correspond to the table they're posted above. However, there are plenty of staff who are happy to help you find the correct price.

The sales team appears calm and ready for what's coming tomorrow, so check out pictures of the pricing above so you can be too. Some standouts we found include The Linen Spark for $215 (was $395), the Skull Weave Rocker for $75 (was $125), and the Boy Toy satchel that no one could seem to find the price for, but that probably goes for between $200 and $225 (was $395.)

There are a couple of tables to the far right of the room that have specially priced sample items, denoted by pink tags. The tags weren't all filled out by the time we left but we did find canvas totes for $80 and studded MAB Minis for $175. The Most Abundant award goes to the Bombe Clutch in any color you could want and the famed MAB Mini in all of its renditions. The Virginia laptop case wins Best Bargain at $60 for the denim version and $105 for the leather.

While the bags are a free-for-all, a table and a sales employee stand between the customer and the shoes for optimum organizational capacity (probably a good idea). The employee informed us that the booties come in larger sizes but the rest of the shoes stick to 9s and below. Over on the sparsely populated clothing racks, we loved the Hali Silk shorts for $75 and the Vena skirt for $180.—Kenzie Bryant
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