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The Good, the Sad, and the Confusing at the Staff USA Sale

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There was plenty to love at the Staff USA sample sale over on West 19th Street. There, Maison Martin Margiela filled the entire back wall and Viktor & Rolf and DSquared split the middle. Yesterday, we were able to navigate the late in-the-day bustle to find our favorite pieces, from the fantastic to the very interesting. Behold:

The Good
Among the highly-covetable Maison Martin Margiela evening wear and outerwear, we also found sweaters (around $291), pants ($268), skirts, and women's shoes ($560) from their MM6 x Opening Ceremony collaboration. There was a large selection of men's blazers from DSquared, but they are almost exclusively size 48s, with one 44 and two 52s. The blazers run from $518 to $800. The highlights for the women were several small and medium white button-down shirts priced around $160. The bags were few and far between, but there was a Viktor & Rolf plaid leather tote for $580. Belts were a bargain, like a leather bow belt for $77.

The Sad
The staff reported there would be no more markdowns and no additional items in the remaining days of the sale. Bummer. (But check back just in case, since they have a history of cutting prices in half toward the end of the sale.)

The Confusing
The fashion world would be nothing without its most intrepid personal styles, but occasionally there';s a design that scares away all but the boldest. Here are a few we found at this sale:

First there were MM6's army green pants with fur down the entire lower half of the leg. With these, you can pay $1,155 to look like a seasick mountain lion is attacking your shins.

Then there were the DSquared men's shorts, which sandwiched khaki and denim material together. It's a look that says business-casual office party in the front, rugged lumberjack in the back. Sadly, short-shorts aren't appropriate for either event.

And finally, there was the Maison Martin Margiela full body gloves in both dress ($864) and leather leotard form. We're going call it like it is: the handsie. That is, footie pajamas for hands.

Often the trends that confuse us the most are the one's we end up fervently embracing (Bermuda shorts, anyone?). So here's to furry shins, armsies, and short-shorts with an identity crisis—we, however, are going to hold out for the low-end versions.

FYI: Coat check at the door, no fitting rooms (just a large nook with mirrors) and credit's accepted. For hours of operation, head here.—Kenzie Bryant
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