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Inside Apple Soho's Raw New Temporary Space

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On our way to last evening's frightening festivities, we popped into the new temporary digs for Apple Soho at 72 Greene Street to check out the reported crush of customers. The sun was setting and this usually quiet block below Spring Street was abustle with with kids in costumes, attracted by the Apple logo hanging out front.

Beyond the cast iron portal, the crowd was thick, huddled around signature blond tables showing Apple's array of electronic goodies. Thoughts of chewy candy were erased, replaced by a deep desire for things digital. The look of this new emporium, where Apple fiends can get their jones on while the main store on Prince Street is remade, is raw and rustic. Imagine a very, very clean warehouse with lots of friendly spirits decked out in identical blue shirts.

This temporary space covers three floors, classically Soho with columns down the middle. The main floor is awash in 27" screens and plug-ins of all sorts. Brick and black steel abound. But rather than the ubiquitous glass stairways to heaven, here big wooden treads go up and down. In the cellar, visible through bridged cut-outs at the rear, folks looking for the answer to all their woes huddle around the Genius Bar. There they wait, silently expectant.

Upstairs on the second floor is AppleCare central. Beyond the teaching tables, way at the back, is the single bathroom, and a line extended along the wall. Here, again, silence and expectation was the rule. Heading away from the Apple glow and out into the twilight, we saw a sign of the times wheat-pasted to a wall. It warned about Zombie Jobs. No doubt that was just a coincidence.
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