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BOFFO Spent Too Much Money on Nicola Formichetti's Pop Up

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Nicola Formichetti's pop up in Tribeca wasn't only mindblowing—it was really expensive. BOFFO, the orginization that's pairing designers with architects for the Building Fashion pop-up series, spent $30,000 on Formichetti's shop alone, and is now scrambling to come up with another $20,000 so that the other exhibits can actually happen. (Patrik Ervell's exhibit is currently up, and the last two in line are The Lake and the Stars and Ohne Titel—maybe.) BOFFO co-founder Faris Al-Shathir tells DNAInfo, "We're in a predicament. The whole series is being compromised."

So why did Nicola's cost so much? The pop-up was initially supposed to be at 57 Walker Street, but then it wasn't going to be ready in time so they moved across the street to 50 Walker, which is double in size and thus more expensive. Meaning the mirrors that covered the entire store needed to be ordered times two. Not to mention there was a seven-foot panda and a lot of other crazy things.

After the Formichetti pop-up, BOFFO was left with only $40,000 (instead of the planned $80,000) to fund four other exhibits. But the shows might go on: As of now, 86 people have donated on Kickstarter for a total of $6,941 raised. If you feel so inclined to donate, you can do so here.
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