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BOFFO Elaborates on the Pricey Cost of Nicola's Pop-Up

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This morning, we posted a story on how BOFFO is in a bit of a predicament. In short, the Nicola Formichetti Building Fashion pop up ended up costing double what it was supposed to, due to a last-minute change of venue that was twice the size of the original. Now, BOFFO needs to raise $20,000 to help fund the two remaining pop-ups for The Lake & Stars and Ohne Titel.

We spoke with them this afternoon and got their thoughts on the situation. They've provided us with a statement that explains how the unexpected expenses put them in a bind, how you can donate to help support the other two pop-ups (and a little bit about what they're going to look like), and how you could ultimately become the proud new owner of the giant panda that was inside Nicola Formichetti's shop. Read it in full after the jump.

As a young arts organization we have learned a great deal in the past few years. The expenses incurred for the Nicola Formichetti project were unexpected. Unfortunately, we had no way to prepare for these unexpected expenses and our funding was completely accounted for. We hope the people who have seen our work online and have come to visit our projects will find time to support our organization and program which gives back to our community in so many ways. Our mission as a nonprofit organization is the provide our community with exciting cultural programs and educate, inform, and enliven. BOFFO Building Fashion is changing the face of fashion and architecture. I really believe that in the years to come, people will look at our work and say we influenced an entire generation on the way to think about fashion environments. Not only that, but our architects and fashion designers will say we provided them with a life changing opportunity that allowed them to take their work into a new frontier.
Our Kickstarter Campaign is a great way for our supporters to give back. People can pledge as little as $1. Donations act not only as financial help, but as a statement to the world that you support our arts organization and you want us to continue our programs. We've got great gifts available at every level, including prints, programs, invitations to our events, and limited edition designed items by our fashion designers. We even have Nicola's large 6ft panda that he made in collaboration with our sponsor, Supima Cotton. My personal favorite comes with a $40 pledge. It is a BOFFO tote that tells people how to properly pronounce our organization and also answers the question that everyone asks, "What does BOFFO mean?"
We have two more pop-ups to go this year. Next is The Lake & Stars + SOFTlab which opens on November 10th. The Lake & Stars are a great lingerie label, recent recipients of the Ecco Domani award for womenswear and new 2012 CFDA Fashion Incubator participants. SOFTlab is a young architecture practice based in NYC, known for their cutting edge designs. They are taking The Lake & Stars brand and transforming it into a Kaleidoscopic adventure that literally requires visitors to peep into a world of the unexpected.
If you'd like to donate, you can do so here. The amount pledged has gone up almost $1,000 since this afternoon, and is currently at $7,551.
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