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It's Mostly a Man's World at the Hugo Boss Sample Sale

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We've already told you what you can expect from the women's merchandise at the Hugo Boss sample sale, and now, here's what we have in the men's department. Congratulations, guys!—you certainly have the best selection. Plus, your area is almost entirely color-coordinated, and you can get a wallet for $18.

Let's start out with what's arguably the sale's biggest draws: suits and sportcoats. All suits are $250, and nearby, all sportcoats are $150. Same rule about sizing applies, though, as it did for the ladies: These are sample sizes, so you're looking at mostly 38Rs and 40Rs, but you're looking at a lot of them.

The men's accessories are all piled up in the front, and include a few of those $18 wallets, pocket squares for $10, and two racks of belts also for $18. If you need a basic, brown leather belt, this is where you should go today. Also, if you need shoes and are a size 9 or 10, you should continue reading.

Over on the shoe tables (yes, plural. Whereas the women only had about ten shoes to pick from, the men have two tables) there are lots of sneakers and dress shoes. Pricing is as follows: Boots are $72, dress shoes are $60, sneakers are $45, and sandals are $22. Here, we found black and brown wing tips, mustard suede loafers, a pointy pair of shiny blue dress shoes, and every pair of black or brown normal work shoes you could imagine, as well as tons of sneakers in a variety of colors.

The men's button downs ($40) are conveniently hanging right next to the ties ($20), though there isn't a ton of ties left. The rest of the mens sportswear is in a separate area, and there are several full racks stuffed with shirts. (And again, they're all color coordinated.) Long-sleeved polos, hoodies, zip-ups, and sweatshirts are $35, short-sleeved polos are $30, long sleeve tees are $30, short-sleeved button downs are $35, and short-sleeved tees are $25. In regards to shirts, there's everything from normal, neutral-colored sweaters to short-sleeve polos in bright pops of colors, mostly in sizes medium and large.

There are also a ton of men's jackets, ranging from heavy overcoats ($180) to lightweight windbreakers ($65) to leathers ($275). In addition to that, wool coats are $160 and outerwear vests are $75. A lot of colors were represented here in the outerwear section, from navys to reds to yellows to grays and so on. Once again, if you're a size 38R or 40R, this could be your field day.

And if you want pants to pair with all those tops, there are trousers for $50, jeans for $45, and shorts for $25. The jeans are pretty much all 33/34s or 33/32s, and the trousers are 34Rs. And there's a lot of them.

And lest we forget about the bags: This area naturally was drawing a lot of attention since it was right in the front, and there was a pretty decent supply there when we sauntered on over to it. Pricing here (like the women's coats) is very specific, so here's the entire list for the ones made of leather: Overnight bags are $150, briefcases are $125, medium duffels are $100, and messengers and totes are $50. And then there are nylon and canvas overnight bags for $90, nylon and canvas medium duffels for $75, nylon messengers for $45, and laptop covers for $40.

And with that, we conclude the men's portion of the Hugo Boss sample sale. Remember: It's credit card only, and it's almost on 12th Avenue, so wear your walking shoes.
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