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Tributes, Muse Twos, and Tons of Hoarding at the YSL Sale

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After yesterday's opening day insanity, should you brave the Yves Saint Laurent warehouse sale in Chelsea? Depends who you ask—and when they went. Mizhattan raved about the VIP preview, where she found Muse Two bags and Downtowns for $700, accessories for under $100, and wallets for $50 (as opposed to $395 online.) Tributes were $350 but oddly sized, she writes, while ready-to-wear ran under $550, with jackets and dresses both going for $350.

Guilt City also loved the VIP sale, but it sounds like the lucky few who were admitted—among them Joe Zee and Nina Garcia—might have cleaned the place out. On the Sly reports via Twitter that by this morning, bags were picked over. And a Racked commenter agrees.

Most good stuff was gone within the first hour of VIP preview. They're only restocking leather goods. All shoes seem to be out. Flats start at $100 and prices go up to $500 for boots. Clothing ranges from $100 for denim and tshirt and ends at coats for $650. There's a couple of racks in the back of knitwear for $100 but it's hit or miss in styles and sizes.Bags are between $300 and $700 and are on a color-coded system.Sunglasses are $100. Buy two, get one free.Men's is only two racks of men's and is abysmal. Not worth it for the guys. The shoes are mostly Johnny boots in brown and random sneakers. A few dress shoes, some driving shoes, and some slippers.You'll find a full price list in the photo gallery above courtesy the clever ladies at Chanello. And if you're looking for even more coverage, check out WreakHavocNYC, a relatively new sale blog that decided to highlight all of the sale's most notable characters, including hoarders.
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